When MA3 began work on the Volvic account, the brand’s communications were predominantly focused on its wa- ter’s benefits. MA3 redirected Volvic to communicate on its “DRINK 1 GIVE 10” UNICEF partnership, arguing that most competitors in the bottled water category were already playing on the same “water benefits” story. MA3 made the case for cause related branding, providing consumers with a socially conscious reason to switch water brands and “give back” with negligible difference to their existing water purchasing habits.

The re-directioning success was instantaneous, increasing brand awareness and sales within the first quarter. Most importantly 100, 000, 000 liters of water were provided to Ethiopia within the first two years!

In the following year, "DRINK 1, GIVE 10" campaign was collaborate with Rain Forest Foundation US to help 10 indigenous groups protect their right s and forests.

Creative Director: Jason Lannert
Production Director: Carine Bauvey, Cryil Stanajic
Account Director: Marianne Fabre-Lanvin
Art Director: Norisuke Yoshioka, Zahara Gallardo
Designer: Norisuke Yoshioka, Zahara Gallardo ,Timothée Chambovet
Programming: Indigo Design
New York City