Iconic fashion brand Marithe & Francois Girbaud was suffering from years of bad licensing deals and a complete brand identity crisis, all of which were damaging stock prices, reducing retail distribution opportunities and performing a complete disservice to the level of creativity and sophistication the brand was once known for.

MA3 was brought in to rethink all aspects of the brand positioning, strategy and image. The end result included a revised brand mission, vision, proposition value and essence. MA3 successfully repositioned the brand through an award win- ning photo campaign by Ryan McGinley, strategic partnerships, marquee events, restructured end use targets and revised product focus resulting in a reshaped, profitable brand.

Creative Director: Jason Lannert
Production Producer: Carine Bauvey, Cryil Stanajic
Photographer: Ryan Mcginley
Art Director: Norisuke Yoshioka, Zahara Gallardo
Designer: Norisuke Yoshioka, Zahara Gallardo
New York City